Eternal Memorial Bouquets

'Roses, Tulips & Hydrangea" Mausoleum Bouquet-PREMIUM-19"H Including Cascading Drop



"Roses, Tulips & Hydrangea" Mausoleum Bouquet-Premium-19"H Including Drop

This exquisite arrangement features Real Touch Tulips, Real Touch Hydreangea, and Real Touch Sweetheart Roses, accented with elegant Lacy Ferns, fragrant Eucalyptus, and a variety of lush greenery and cascading vines. Measuring 15 inches in height to the mouth of the vase and 19 inches in total including the cascading drop, this premium product is specially designed for placement in mausoleum flower holders. Its unique, asymmetrical shape ensures maximum visibility of any engravings or inscriptions on the plaque. This bouquet is perfect for vases on the right side of the stone, and can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings, making it a versatile and timeless choice that can be enjoyed in any season.


When purchasing a bouquet for a mausoleum or niche vase, be sure to consider all aspects of your design, including your design preferences, shape, size, and desired color.

Take the time to measure the bouquet's height and width carefully to ensure a perfect fit in the vase. In cases where the bouquet may appear out of proportion to the size of the stone, our solution is to create a cascading effect with the stems flowing gracefully along the front of the vase, visually extending the length of the bouquet and adding a touch of elegance.

If your stone features intricate etching, plaques, or images on the front, an asymmetrical design may be the best choice to complement it. You can select the cascading effect on either the right or left side, depending on the location of the vase on the stone.

When selecting a color palette, it is essential to consider the shade of the stone as well. Whether it is dark or light marble, the color of the bouquet should complement the stone. It may also be meaningful to include the departed's favorite color or flower as a reminder and symbol of them. For seasonal changes, many clients enjoy switching the bouquets according to holidays such as Christmas, Fall, and Spring. This is a common practice and adds variety to their visits.


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