Mausoleum Tributes are symbolic artificial floral wreath, heart or cross options used when wanting to place flowers in fixed vases that adhere to the stone plate at the crypt.

Cemetery establishments restrict the use of fresh flowers in Mausoleums. Many locations, tell you in advance, that if you were to bring fresh flowers, they would be disposed of after 24 hours. If your crypt is located on the inside of the Mausoleum buildings, our arrangements will last for years (without changing) as they are protected from any outdoor weather conditions. Our items provide you with great value. A popular option is to have 2 different tributes and to switch them up seasonally.

Every cemetery has their own unique floral vases for mausoleums and the immediate family generally chooses which one they prefer.  Our tributes are designed with a 7” stem allowing for easy placement in the vases.

Points to consider:

  • If the inner liners are less than 7” deep, your options are to remove the liner entirely and reserve them. Most liners either clip off or they just pull out easily. Place the stem directly in the master outer vase.
  • If necessary, you can snip the bottom of the stem using wire cutters to the desired length and display. Do not bend, fold or pull at the stem as this will damage your tribute.

Tombstone Tributes are symbolic artificial floral monuments used directly on graves. Most cemeteries allow these artificial tributes to be displayed between the winter months of November to March Only. Generally, this item needs to be changed yearly as it is exposed to outdoor elements. Traditionally, the available shapes are Wreaths, Crosses, Open Hearts and Closed Hearts with the Wreaths being the most popular choices. Our focus at “em-bouquets” is to expand and refreshen these offerings. Therefore, our line-up is based on the following shapes and are all designed in Artificial Flowers:

  • 20” Heart and Cross Combinations
  • 20” Wreath and Heart Combinations
  • 20” Wreath and Cross Combinations.

Tombstone Tributes require a wire easel for display. These can be purchased from the cemetery office, some large box stores or traditional flower shops and they are fairly inexpensive. You will also need cable ties. We do not provide these items with our products as the shipping would outweigh the cost of the item.

Steps to follow when placing your Tombstone Tribute on a Grave:

  • Ideally, you want to place these on the gravesite BEFORE the first frost.  
  • Set-up the easel based on where you would like it to stand on the grave.
  • Push the easel down into the ground a minimum of 6 inches or more if possible. This is a very important step as these items are exposed to outdoor weather elements and if not done correctly, you risk losing the tribute in high winds. The first frost will help to anchor the stand in the ground throughout the winter months.
  • Place the tribute on the hook of the easel.
  • Using cable ties, fasten the tribute on the easel stand itself. This is another important step as it will prevent the tribute from blowing away in high winds.

Headstone Saddles, or sometimes referred to as Tombstone Saddles, are elongated arrangements which sit on the tops of the marble stones seen on graves. We generally see these made up in artificial flowers and unlike Tombstone Tributes, these items are allowed to be displayed throughout the year vs the winter months only.  

Traditionally, clients will opt to have these made in fresh evergreens throughout the winter months and in artificial flowers from March to November. Again, as this product is exposed to outdoor elements, they generally last for 1 season.

Headstone Saddles are very easy to display and are best placed on straight top marble stones verses “arched or curved top” stones.

The U-Shape base of the wire cage used when designing this piece is made specifically to fit snugly around the marble stone.