Eternal Memorial Bouquets

'Personalized Message Script" Ribbon Banners


"Our 'Message Script' ribbon banners can be incorporated into any tombstone wreath, heart or cross arrangement, or cone arrangement, or added to any tombstone saddle.

Description:   Script can be used on any gravestone wreath,heart or cross as well as most tombstone saddles.

Material:    Factoring in outdoor placement of our products, the scripts are  laser printed on 3" water resistant ribboning. 

Colour Variations:  All lettering is printed in gold.  Ribbon options we choose are Ivory or Red. If you have a preference, please include these specifics in the "Notes" section of your order.

Personal "Custom Messages:  For any custom message or request, please send us your inquiry at OR call us direct at 905-251-2227.  Personalized Message options available are:  Dad, Husband, Grand, Great, Friend, Daughter, In Law, Sister, Son, Brother, Mother, Father, Family, Wife, Beloved, Loving, Grandma, Grandmother, Grandpa, Grandfather, Uncle and Aunt.  An example would be: "Beloved Wife" or "Loving Son".