"Spring Garden" Headstone Saddle-30"L
"Spring Garden" Headstone Saddle-30"L
"Spring Garden" Headstone Saddle-30"L
"Spring Garden" Headstone Saddle-30"L

"Spring Garden" Headstone Saddle-30"L

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"Spring Garden" Headstone Saddle

Recipe:   Real Touch Stargazer Lilies, Real Touch Yellow 2-tone Tulips, Peony, Hydrangea, Roses, Heather, Ornamental Butterflies and Assorted Vines and Garlands

Design:    Flowers are shown all sides of the saddle.  The shape does not cascade down the front of the stone allowing for easy visibility of writings and etchings on the stone.

Size:  30" in length 

Material:  Real Touch Stargazer Lilies, Real Touch Tulips

Usage:   Memorial Saddles are displayed on the tops of  grave stones and can be changed seasonally.  They can be displayed throughout the year depending on the cemetery regulations.  "Marble stones" are offered in different sizes and shapes therefore, it is suggested you make your selection depending on these important factors.  

Colour Selections:  As Pictured

Tips:  We recommend you label the underside of the saddle with either the person's name, the crypt # or both.  This can be done easily with a sticker.  The reason for this is because in severe winds, the saddle may blow off.  If the ground keepers find it, they will know where it belongs and re-display it.  If there is no indication of who the arrangement belongs to, then chances it will be brought back to the cemetery office until someone claims it or an alternate solution based on the cemetery regulations.   

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