Our Signature Wreath and Cross Tribute-18"D
Our Signature Wreath and Cross Tribute-18"D
Our Signature Wreath and Cross Tribute-18"D

Our Signature Wreath and Cross Tribute-18"D

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Our Signature Wreath and Cross Tribute

Our Signature Wreath and Cross combination is one of 3 frames developed, designed and created from our designers here at Eternal Memorial Bouquets and we are proud to call it our own.  This frame style offers you something different in the market place and it truly delivers a message of Eternal Life and Faith .

This item is specifically designed for tombstone graves.  Once completed, the wreath is 18" in diameter and is offered in several colour combinations.

Our recommendation is to place this wreath on a wire frames of 36" which we offer in our product listings.  

How to display:

a)  We recommend to first place the wreath on the easel.  Using cable ties or wire, fasten the wreath to the easel stand itself.  This will secure the wreath from falling off the stand during strong winds and bad weather during the winter season.

b)  Once the wreath is secured firmly on the stand, pull open the easel in an upright position and push the feet of the easel  into the ground -ideally to a 6" depth.   

c)  The right time to do this is in late fall OR before the first frost.  Once the easel is set up, and the colder winter weather sets in, the legs of the easel stand firm in the frozen ground until early spring.

d)  Also note to be sure you choose the right size of easel for your wreath.  If the stand is too short, snow accumulation will cover the flowers.  Ideally, the most popular sizes are the 36 or 42" stands. 


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