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"Lavender Love" Tombstone Saddle-28"Width

"Lavender Love" Tombstone Saddle-28" Width

Enhance the beauty of your loved one's resting place with our "Lavender Love" Tombstone Saddle-28"W. This elegant design features Real Touch Calla Lilies, Open Garden Roses, Hydrangea Blooms, and Peony assorted Grasses and Ferns, all arranged to showcase the flowers on all sides of the saddle. The elongated asymmetrical shape of the arrangement is perfect for tombstones with multiple engravings, as it will not obstruct any writing on the front of the stone.  This versatile piece can be displayed seasonally or year-round, depending on cemetery regulations. With a variety of color options available, you can customize this saddle to perfectly complement your loved one's final resting place. "Lavender Love" is a true treasure that will bring comfort and beauty to any memorial.


The size of the stone is a crucial factor when selecting a saddle. It is important to ensure that the saddle is proportionate to the stone.

Keep in mind the color of flowers that will complement the tones of the stone.

Tombstone saddles come in various shapes, such as symmetrical, asymmetrical, round, cascading, and oval. Carefully choose a shape that will enhance the overall appearance and not obstruct any etchings or photos on the face of the stone.

If the plot receives 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight a day, consider using a UV sunblock protectant spray during the summer months. 

Consider labeling the underside of the saddle with the person's name, crypt number, or both. This can be accomplished with a sticker for ease or a white permanent marker. In the event of strong winds, the saddle may be blown off. Ground keepers can easily identify where it goes and re-display it if it is labeled. When ownership is not specified, the product may be returned to the cemetery office or handled by cemetery rules. Additionally, make sure to adjust the wire legs of the saddle inwards before placing on the stone as this will be a secure and snug fit.


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